Advocating for your Students and Teachers


Last week, my professor shared some links with our class and inspired us to allow our students a safe place to express their views on sensitive issues in current events. One such issue is the injustices faced in Ferguson, Missouri. I had just spoken to my coachee about how we could engage students. This led to a perfect cross-curricular activity that involves History, English, and social issues that affect our students today. Before I share the project, here are the links in case you are planning to teach about these events: TeachforChange and TheRoot.


In Kelly Gallagher’s book, Readicide, he mentions how important it is to advocate for your teachers and your students. They need materials, especially books, and we need to be steadfast in finding ways to get the materials to students. I have been more vocal this year about needing books, technology, and materials in the classroom and I have advocated for my coachee’s classroom needs as well. I was excited when I tried and I got funded for one project and for class sets of novels! I received books on social issues and art supplies which included 64 paper mache masks.  My coachee and I are thinking of ways to use the materials to teach about the events in Ferguson. He is going to focus on the history and I will bring in writing about stereotypes and identity.  I will post more as this project manifests. Wish us luck!


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