Advocating for Teachers and Students II


The role of a reading specialist varies from district to district, but I have learned that it is not solely about helping students who struggle in reading.  Being a literacy coach is also taking on a leadership role at your campus and advocating for your teachers and students. The school where I previously worked had a literacy coach and she was (and is) amazing! I try to model myself after her while at the same time growing into my own style. I remember her telling me that one thing she wishes she had done differently as a principal was advocate more for her teachers. She said she realizes now that there was so much that she could have done. As a literacy coach, she is now very adamant about helping teachers. This year I made sure to advocate for the needs of teachers who I was coaching and my own students. Though I knew that I might find myself at odds with administration for speaking up for students and teachers, I knew that I did not want to look back in regret and feel that I could have done more.